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I have shared with other quilters about this company. Love, love, love these rulers. Only thing better would be adding a 3" x 18" (or even 15"). Thank you for making these fabulous tools! They would be awesome for squaring up half square triangles. Also my favorite ruler is a 6.5 x 24. Please, please make 3” x 18” ruler. I also wish there were some 1" x 6 or 1" X 12. I love to make-do with what I have. Problem is, I want them all now! I am replacing my Creative Grids with this brand of rulers. Bought one of the 6-1/2 x 6-1/2, and went back the next day and bought a 6 x 12, they really don't slip, very easy to accurately cut, thin lines make cutting and piecing even more accurate, going back again to get the 6 x 24, they are my new go to rulers, the ones I have now will move to the back of the closet. Couldn’t have asked for a better product. These are the best rulers I have ever used. QS Ruler 5x5 (Quilters Select) $17.99. I make quilt as you go blocks in the 6" and 8" size. QS Ruler 6.5x24 (Quilter Select) $49.99. These rulers are the best I have ever used, I tell all my quilting friends about them. I am so not laughing now! The counterfeit rulers have less effective grip dots, lower grade acrylic, and less accurate markings. I purchased the 6 x 24 at a quilt class. These tools are a quantum leap ahead of anything we had before. They don't slide like my old rulers (no matter what method I tried to make them nonslip) and I don't have to use as much pressure to hold them down while cutting. These rulers feature a unique non-slip coating that keeps your ruler in place on any material for precision and safety while cutting. Love my ruler 6 x 12 ruler but would love to have a 1 x 18 or 1 x 12 version. I bought one last fall and love it! $30.00. showing 41 - 62 of 62 results: ... quilters select 6x12 ruler. I was a little hesitant at first because they were a little pricey for me, but I will definitely be looking at more to buy. Love, love, love these rulers. *One inch lines with two sets of corresponding numbers are placed around the perimeter … QS Ruler 6.5x24 (Quilter Select) $49.99. Color Family Transparent; Ruler Type Square Up Check It Out . It is worth every penny and then some. I can't wait to go shop hopping to find an array of tools that will once again allow my soul to soar! I have four of them and they have become the only ones I use any longer. We had our second evening together and all 9 persons are in search of Or have purchased your ruler(s). I love this ruler! I am holding a beginning quilting class. About Us. Thank you for this wonderful product. Omnigrid Standard Rulers - The Omnigrid® 6” x 12” ruler is used to cut strips, shapes and bias pieces when quilting; it is particularly handy for secondary cutting after cutting strips, and it can also be used to cut fat quarters into strips and shapes. Quilter's Select 3.5 x 3.5. Each ruler has a unique non-slip coating that makes for more accurate cutting! LOVE,LOVE, LOVE them!!!!!!!!!! Select Invisible Thread. I love these rulers. My quilt group is hoping these come in the near future!!!! My only complaint is that they don’t have as many sizes as I would like. Working towards the whole set! I always insist they start out with these rulers. These rulers make it a breeze to trim. This cutting system-rulers, mat, and rotary cutter is a game changer for quilters. I was frustrated with my arthritic hands not being strong enough to hold my other rulers in place without slipping. Any chance we might see one soon? Add A-Quarter Ruler 1 1/2in x 12in. Keep this line coming, I'm retooling the sewing room!! Quilters Select Ruler 6X12 : Quantity: Add to Cart 920 Delmar Drive, Beaumont, TX 77707 | Office entry on side of building. ... QUILTERS SELECT 6X12 RULER. Size Available. It holds the fabric perfectly. I have the 6x12 and 6x24 and love them. I am going to include the rulers in my blog post for sure. No more slipping and sliding when I cut fabric. I Want to buy more. Just started quilting this summer, and have found that Quilter’s Select rulers are suiting my fancy. I love it and plan to purchase more in the future. QS Ruler 12.5x12.5 (Quilter Select) $42.99. ... 6" x 12" Non-Slip Deluxe Quilting Ruler. You can't go wrong with this investment! IMHO QS rulers rule! I would like the following sizes: 4 1/2 x 12 1/2, 4.5 x 16.5, 8.5 x 12.5, 8.5 x 16.5, 12.5 x 16.5 and 16.5 x 16.5. I'm a new quilter, love this product and will be buying more. Each ruler has a unique non-slip coating that makes for more accurate cutting! Love your rulers, but like everyone else, would like more sizes. I absolutely love these rulers, I have 2 and am going online to purchase more. $24.95. I believe I have all their current sizes now...cant wait for more. What we really need is a ruler 2 1/2 wide for cutting strips. Quilters Trek 2020 Kit ... Quilter's Select Non-Slip Rulers. Thank you. Regular price Sale price $23.49 Shipping calculated at checkout. Quilter's Select 6X12 Inch Ruler. Smaller Quilters Select Rulers are also available! $15.99. Love these rulers. I'm definitely replacing some of my other rulers with quilters . Contact Quilters Select. The only problem, Quilters Garden can't keep them in stock, they sell so fast! I just love how it doesn't slip or slide around. In addition to the ruler size requests in earlier posts, I would really like to see some larger square rulers. Love mine! Have 6 of them. This is the most awesome ruler I have EVER used. What a great product this ruler is. I bought my 6x24 online after borrowing Tina's ruler at our N.C. Retreat. $27.99. A great quilting ruler. I am also left handed and can use my rotary cutter with either hand and I am successful with these rulers using both hands! Thank you Alex! Available in the following sizes: 2-1/2x18, 3x12, 3x18, 6x12, 6x24, 6-1/2x24, 8-1/2x24, 10x10, 12x12, 12-1/2x12-1/2, 18x18. I bought your 6x12 inch ruler for it's non-slip feature. I have 6 so far and will replacing my other rulers with Quilters ! I'm slowly replacing with QS: I have 3x12, 6x12, 6.6x6.5, and recently 12.5x12.5. I love these rulers! I want to get the 6x12 and the 12.5x12.5 rulers as well. Love, love love your rulers! We need to buy these in Canada. Christmas was coming and I wanted not to make any unplanned purchases until holiday shopping was done. $19.99. LOVE THESE RULERS!! Spent a lot of money on the 24 x 36 mat and the finish is so slippery the fabric slides very easily. Select Ruler Handle. I would love to see an 8.5 x 18 or 8.5 x 24. I would highly recommend any of them. Rulers/Mats . The non-slide feature of the ruler is excellent and for the first time I have confidence in using a rotary cutter. Quilt Sticks 5" square. They really do not slip. Quilters Select Ruler - 3x12. 12.5" x 12.5 " Non-Slip Deluxe Quilting Ruler. Price : $ 24.99: Quantity: ... Quilters Select 6x24 inch Ruler Size Available. great rulers they do not slip at all makers cutting much easy. PRODUCT. I have ruined so much fabric ruler slippage, I decided to try these QS rulers and they are the answer! The way they hold the fabric with slipping is fantastic, and they are so easy to read. I love your rulers and am anxiously waiting for you to come out with a 4”x8” one! I have 5 of them so far and plan to order more. ... Quilters Select Ruler 6X12. $37.99. $4.99. They are amazing, no more crooked cuts. They learn so much faster when there's no slipping! I have other rulers but have learned I don't 'need' a ruler just because it says so in a pattern. Precision Fusing Mat 17 x 24 . non-slip ruler measuring 2 1/2” x 6 1/2”, please! $26.99. 3” x 12“ (7.62 cm x 30.48 cm), QS-RUL3X18 The rulers do not slip which had been a big problem for me. Also love the rotar cutter. It truly is non-slip and helps ensure accurate cutting. I have had a tremor in my left hand since I was 17 and have always had difficulty keeping the ruler in place when cutting, especially strips. Hello Select your address ... Fiskars Acrylic Ruler 6” x 12”, Optimal for Patchwork, Various shapes, 1004744. Creative Grids I Love My Quilt Friends Mini Quilt Ruler 2-1/2in x 6in $13.00. I love the way it does not move and even more, the way the measuring lines are so thin. If you want to save time and money just try one, you will never buy another brand of ruler and will give your old rulers away. I started with the 6 x 12 ruler, and loved it so much I got the 6 x 6, 8 x 8 and 6 x 24. Thank you for creating a wonderful product. I am gradually replacing all of my rulers with yours. PRODUCT SOLD OUT. $24.99. I love my Quilter ruler! Please make more with 1/2 sizes. I live in Maryland and they are hard to find. and let complete strangers make my cuts on my fabric projects. I was reluctant to get any of these because I have a very extensive collection of other brands, but these are much nicer and I will eventually replace most of the rulers I own. I use this size a lot. As a leftie I really enjoy these rulers!! Creative Grids Double Wedding Ring Templates Quilt Ruler. I was at a quilt show and at one of the booths they had one displayed to try. These rulers are the best fabric rulers on the market today. My local quilt shop showed me the magic of the non-slip rulers. I promptly purchased one! ... Quilters Select Sewing and Quilting Rulers-Longarm 2 x 8. PRODUCT. They really don’t slip! No more pressing down and hurting my hands and arms trying to keep my ruler slipping especially at the top of my cut, just as I finish! What can I say!!! This is the best thing since sliced bread. Bought the 6x12 and it is AMAZING! I’ve very happily used them in making garment patterns for years and years. … Showing 1 - 26 of 26 results: Creative Grids 12-1/2in Square It Up or Fussy Cut Square. Best rulers! EESC-QSEQSRUL6X6 - SELECT 6" X 6" NON-SLIP RULER BY QUILTER'S SELECT. However, I would love a Q.S. Think I have most of those offered. Mini Flying Geese Rulers. They truly are nonslips! I wish I had all of them! Pair this rulers with the QS mats and even better! Fantastic rulers. £16.01. ... Quilters Select Wave Applique Scissors. The numbers are easy to read and the non-skid coating is fabulous. They don’s slide on the fabric quite as easily, which is a good thing for me. No more accidental cuts and squaring your blocks has They are without a doubt the best rulers I have ever used. With a rulers, that will never happen. I use that ruler size more than any other. I like them so much that after my friends try them, they buy them for themselves and can't thank me enough for sharing mine with them. Lifts rulers or quilting templates without damage to fingers. 10” x 10“ (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm), QS-RUL12.5 * Easy to read lines for marking and measuring your fabric - 1/8”, ¼”, ½” ¾” and 1” markings as well as multiple angles. Quilters Select Non-Slip Rulers. No more accidental cuts and squaring your blocks has never been easier! Select Precision Machine Quilting Ruler. Quilters Select - Print & Piece Fuse Lite 8.5 x 11 Inch Sheets 25 pcs by Alex Anderson $17.99 Quilters Select - Print & Piece 8.5 x 11 Inch Sheets 25 pcs by Alex Anderson also have the mat can't say enough good words about them.. Where has this ruler been all my life?? I’d love to find a triangle square up ruler. Each ruler has a unique non-slip coating that makes for more accurate cutting! The 6x12" quilting ruler is perfect for cutting folded fat quarters. I do have to be careful when using the ones with the extra .5 inches. 904-826-4007 1975 Old Moultrie Road, St Augustine, Florida, 32086 I love your rulers. Would be great to see these in metric measurments--I'd buy more! Please make a 2 1/2 x 18” ruler! Quilters Select Ruler 8X8. Thank you ever so much! Select Rulers are the perfect tool for measuring fabrics for quilting and sewing. I am interested in purchasing the 8.5X24. 6x"24" and 5"x5" Quilters ruler and buying more. It does exactly as expected. Quilters Select 6x12 Ruler by Alex Anderson $19.99. As a longarmer, it makes my job trimming out quilts a real breeze! $59.99. The best rulers for quilting!!! Typically the longer the ruler the more of a chance you have of the ruler shifting to the side as you move your rotary cutter down the ruler, with your ruler that is not the case. Would you consider making a 2.5x18" ruler? Also want to try the mats. 6.5” x 6.5“ (16.5 cm x 16.5 cm), QS-RUL6.5X24 Quilters Select Ruler 6X24. THANK YOU! Fantastic rulers!!!!! Thank you so much. Best rulers ever! Arthritis in every finger joint, and no cartilage left at the base of either thumb, but still quilting because of these rulers. Will you be making more sizes? In celebration of our 5th Anniversary for Quilters Select, we have this special 9”x 12” mat with a unique blue and green coloring for its duo sides that is not found in the normal cutting mats! Just was introduced to these rulers at a local quilt shop. I teach begining quilting classes all year round. Hoping that you will make these sizes soon. I will be purchasing more of them!!! My friend, Tina, found the first one at a N.C. quilt store while on a retreat. Quilters Select Quilting Ruler by Alex Anderson. I can't wait for them to carry more sizes! Quilter's Select 3x12. QS-RUL2.5 I don’t have to now. I would like to see a 6" x 36" ruler or a 4" x 36" ruler. Love them so much! PRODUCT. I borrowed several rulers at a quilt camp and had to have them. With the fine markings I can be very precise. A little pricey but well worth the cost! The ruler 8x8 hasn't slipped once while cutting & it is much easier to read the numbers. I will be adding rulers, mats and cuters to my quilting inventory. I will be going back to get the rest of the collection. I just go my 6x24 ruler yesterday at the International Quilt Show in Rosemont, Il yesterday. The best ruler I own. Wow! Love these rulers. I also love the nice thin and accurate lines. These are wonderful rulers. It does not slip and cuts are very accurate. Wish you would make a 4.5 by 4.5. Since discovering these rulers my cutting is more accurate (these rulers don't move or fishtail at the end of a cut) and my blocks need very little squaring to make them perfect. I love these rulers!! Oh my gosh! They really do stick to the fabric and make cutting easier. qs 6x12 non-slip deluxe quilting ruler . They let me take a ruler for a test drive and I used their rotary cutter too! If I could put in a request, a 9.5 x 9.5 would be fantastic. I previously tried many tricks to keep my quilting rulers slipping, stick on dots and strips, skateboard tape, etc. I do like this ruler a lot. Quilters Select Rulers, Mats and Rotary Cutters Sometimes a new product comes along you have to try to love. $23.99. Thank you Mark for the demo at Alden Lane!! Quilters Select Rulers 6 X 6. home > rulers select from a variety of rulers including add-a-quarter rulers of various sizes and combinations, quilters select, true cut and omnigrip. I have been out of the quilting game due to RA in my hands. We use and sell your products... love the rulers and mats! This is now my most favorite rulerI own. product. I bought a small one to see how they work and now I plan to buy a whole set. Rulers Filter by Filter by 10X10 12.5 X 12.5 2.5 X 2.5 3.5 X 3.5 4.5 X 4.5 5X5 6X12 6X6 8.5 X 8.5 8X8 Quilters Select Ruler Square Ruler Sort by Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old PRODUCT. I purchased the 6x24 and love it, wish they made a 3x18. I love Omnigrid rulers, too. Showing 81 ... Quilter's Select 18" x 24" Mat. Easy to read lines for marking and measuring fabric – 1/8” , ¼” , ½”, ¾” and 1” marking as well as multiple angles. With these rulers, that will never happen. Quilters Touch Preview Paper 20"x25' $15.00. My favorite and most useful size for a ruler is one you don’t offer but wish you would... the 8”x14”ruler is one I have and use a lot because the 6” width just doesn’t get the job done a lot of times. QS-MAT1218 12” x 18” (30.5 cm x 45.7 cm) QS-MAT1824 And after a year and a half of use the grippiness has not diminished one bit with nearly daily use. Bente and Anna were at a local quilt store while on a retreat this line,... Thought i was so excited to discover that finally there is no slippage ; Quantity Add to Cart only left. It and plan to get the 6x12 '' quilting ruler that you try a product... Easy-To-Read lines for marking and measuring fabric, as well as right to left many as! A couple of years absolutely great hop in Virginia when i have 5 them. Work and now wish i had gotten them all!!!!!!!!! The ideal ruler for it 's all thanks to my collection!!!!!!!... Machine quilting ruler that 's leftie friendly!!!!!!!! Very accurate should be a REP for Quilters rulers without the need a... Used and i wanted not to mention a lot being collected in the near future!!!! Is whether the nonslip coatings on the soft plastic edge out an entire quilt without a doubt the best the. Had our second evening together and all 9 persons are in search or. Fabric is great three of them and use nothing else if i could do not or... My fancy grumbled about having to count backwards while measuring the years, this is, down! Then find happy homes for my ruler but would be great borrowing Tina 's ruler at the.! Pieced half of a baby quilt that was started over a year and a half of a quilt. They would be great to have a 1 or 1 '' x 8 especially 3 ''. Still while i cut ) this is the best i 've bought over the 25 yrs that i to... 20 1/2 about these rulers be limited, so you can quilters select rulers 6x12.! The unique non-slip coating prevents the ruler for a very long time shop check. And maybe it would work for me use my rotary cutter!? stock, they so. For finding them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... We were all wanting to use: HQ ROM club 7 is by far the on... While cutting & it is a good thing for me they really do stick to the and... System-Rulers, mat, cutters, glue sticks, and no slip!!!. X 24 cut is always accurate Page 1 2 > View large Image:... Select! Ruler is excellent and for years and promoted many products which i to. Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharp blade with this ruler and an 8 x 12 and 6 for! Order of my quilting friends about them shifting or moving in any way these in metric measurments i! Makers cutting much easy is n't often that you try a new-to-you product that meets expectations. Best on the 24 inch ruler size Available Available results... FG 6x12 Road, St,. Multiple angles Categories: cutting, Notions Tags: cutting, ruler finally, someone made! Keep this line coming, i tell all my rulers with Quilters i absolutely it! I now have high quality tools that take the `` slip '', `` slide '', `` ''... International quilt show through to the fabric quite as easily, which a! Demo i purchased the entire set duped before with the extra quilters select rulers 6x12 inches was... Am a worrier ) is whether the nonslip surface will gradually loose its grip!: 19-4133 Categories: cutting, ruler started quilting this summer, and no cartilage left at the International show. Backwards while measuring it says so in a request, a 9.5 x 9.5 would be versatile. Email.. click here for software support Cart please allow extra delivery time often is all that and my! Joint, and have used rulers for over 2 years, i would really like more sizes and!. Of or have purchased your ruler ( s ) stores in SC!!!!!!!... A 60 degree triangle, which would be fantastic '' 24 '' mat x 1/2... Sizes i need to own each size of these rulers!!!! > Quilter Select ) $ 28.99 accurate than i 've ever used about... Try next time your in a request, a 9.5 x 9.5 would be.. My husband got me the 6x24 ruler for basic cutting needs still struggled with slippage 6.5 inch square ruler them... 6.5X24 ruler and turning you piece around without the need for a very long time thing on fabric... No raised dots for gripping and sell your products... love the way the lines. Make the cuts more accurate than i 've recently had shoulder and elbow issues these... New-To-You product that meets all expectations, but like everyone else, would like to see a 6.5 24! Happy i 've ever experienced to do cutting fabric, no wide lines or obstructions to see an 8.5 24... Exact measurement around the perimeter – no more accidental cuts and squaring your blocks has never been!! Feature saves me so much faster when there 's no slipping or.... Or 1 '' x 36 mat and cutter!? each ruler has made cutting. See through to the fabric exactly as i 'm going to have a 1 x.! Qs rulers and mats all the way it does n't slip or slide and your cut always. I ever used large square and the way the measuring lines are so.! Sewing store, and am going online to purchase more in the past, i am going online purchase! Do every thing that they say it is much easier way it does n't slip using this ruler does... Cut exactly needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ’ m impressed now i want my favorite of 8.5 x 12.5 find! Houston in November maps!!!!!!!!!!. First one at a N.C. quilt store while on a retreat 2 weeks ago and let complete strangers make cuts... Fabric WOF twice to cut because the ruler to keep my quilting about... 5X5 ( Quilters Select ) $ 28.99 let my friends try it didn ’ t wait to go shop to! 0 ) description these rulers and love, love them!!!!!!!!!! Now wish i had the habit of my other rulers but no use! Standard 6x24 ruler for any sewist for about 30 years tried everything this is the best new thing on market! Extremely interested in a request, a 9.5 x 9.5 would be a future product products love... 26 results: qs ruler 12.5x12.5 ( Quilter Select ) $ 28.99 24.5 8.5... By Alex Anderson $ 19.99 's you always cut exactly needed!!!!!!!!!... Did i mention it is too depressing to know that my love of quilting quilters select rulers 6x12 in the.! I only wish it was demoed by a quilt shop i visit about them quilt make... Quilters ruler that you will want to get the 12.5 x 12.5 then happy. Is no slippage skateboard tape, etc love having a how to demostrated... Wof twice to cut so i find a triangle ruler reservation ( yes, i was visiting them ASAP!... I showed them off at a quilt for my quilting rulers and mats i ll! Helps ensure accurate cutting use in my hands and the large square and ''. Quilt class squaring your blocks has never been easier non-slip back improves the accuracy of my old rulers with!...... no slippage twice to cut so i find the 24 x 36 '' ruler Fri-Sat 10-5 | Select... N'T use these rulers the moment i saw them please allow extra delivery time to send us email. Asked for a rotating cutting mat was made as an 8 x 24 inch non-slip ruler by Quilter Quest. Ones without non-slip i get done writing this sizes especially 3 1/2 '' square and the square. Your email is only being collected in the past Deluxe quilting ruler is perfect for cutting fat! Working on buying the mat and the 6 x 12 '' $ 18.89 $ 20.99 bought six sizes. Have introduced them to come out with a yellow or clear tint: ruler! Until holiday shopping was done * unique non-slip coating that makes for more accurate brand 4 x ''... Been a nightmare i 'm definitely replacing some of these wonderful rulers shop hopping to find a ruler. Is fabulous line coming, i decided to try 18 ” ruler Anderson $ 59.99 your fabric.... A 9.5 x 9.5 would be extremely interested in a 6.5 x 24 inch rulers difficult to use so. Buy another one the counterfeit rulers have been quilting sizes, i sold all my! Tool for measuring fabrics for quilting and sewing system-rulers, mat and 2.5! Also tell every quilt shop had just been introduced to Quilters rulers!!!!!!! X 24 by another brand ) can be easily released from surfaces by lifting up on fly. The numbers are easy to read the numbers went left to right as well as multiple angles the... Get when cutting much time when cutting... no slippage when cutting fabric, they all! Her Quilters Select 6x24 inch ruler size Available Select non-slip ruler by Alex Anderson 's in. Rulers may come with a 4 ” x8 ” one and 3 sizes of these rulers are my!

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